Michael Coady

Michael Coady

actor, producer, writer

By Water's Edge


"By The Water's Edge is a story told though little dialogue and more through the interactions of the characters involved. Michael Coady had embodied the character of Sgt. Mason and exceeded my exceptions of what I had imagined and written on the page. His dedication to the film is a good show of his commitment to bringing the story to life and the result is what you seen on the screen. It was a one of a kind performance." 
  - Jennifer Razon, Writer/Director

Silent Night in Muncie 


"Michael brought a new level of character and depth to the character of John in “Silent Night in Muncie” beyond what was on the page. As a director, it’s a pleasure and joy to work with an actor who not only absorbs so truly the character in the script, but who can then take direction and create a wonderfully complex human being for the screen." 
     - Jon Wagner, Director

(Official Selection of Cannes Court Métrage – Festival de Cannes)

reviews / endorsements

Bringing my unique perspective to the characters I am entrusted with



"...performances are strong, especially Michael Coady as Ernst."
                                                                                                    - Christopher Hoile, Eye Weekly 

"I like Michael Coady as Ernst Ludwig. He has a chilling confidence as the man who embodies the coming Nazi party. He plays the part with a cool grace and a steely look that properly captures the character. He is the bright light in this production."
                                                                                                      - Lynn Slotkin, CBC Radio One


Someone Who'll Watch Over Me 


"Mike Coady is spontaneous and affecting as the earnest young American doctor who finally breaks down under the strain of confinement and the threat of death." 
- Gordon Jones, The Telegram

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


"... a fully sustainable and well-choreographed set of supporting roles that create conviction and vividness, with Mike Coady as the stammering, sexually repressed Billy Bibbit being especially noteworthy." 
- Gordon Jones, The Telegram

(Official Selection of the Action on Film Festival, Los Angeles) 


The Lonesome West


"There were some wonderful performances in the production, [Adjudicator Michael] Chaisson noted, singling out the final sermon with Father Welsh, played by Michael Coady, as a wonderful piece of theatre" 
                                                                                                     - Robert Lodge, The Telegram 

"Coady's priest is pathetically vulnerable and hopelessly sincere." 
                                                                                                    - Gordon Jones, The Telegram

Michael Coady is an award-winning actor, producer, writer, working between Toronto, Los Angeles, and his native Newfoundland, Canada.  As an actor, he has made guest star and co-star appearances on shows like the BBC America Series, “Copper”, CBC series "Murdoch Mysteries" and "Republic of Doyle", and “The Lottery” on Lifetime Network. Michael’s film credits include "By Water’s Edge" (screened at the 2011 Cannes Festival), "The Historian Paradox" (won Audience Choice Award at the Big Island Film Fest in Hawaii), "Silent Night in Muncie" (official selection of the Action on Film Festival in LA) and the multiple award-winning web series "Dead Grandma". His theatre credits include the Toronto productions of “Evita”, “Cabaret,” and the Canadian premiere of “Urinetown.” He also produced and starred in the East Coast Canadian premiere of “Doubt” in 2008.

Michael is the Executive Director for Canada of "We Make Movies", an indie film collective in Los Angeles and Toronto. Michael continues to write and produce his own projects like “Obsession” (which he also starred in) and his upcoming short screenplay “Cop Out”, a winner of the 2013 WMM-CA Screenplay Competition.